Fear not, for I am with you, 
      be not dismayed, for I am your God.
 No temas, que contigo estoy yo; 
  no receles, que yo soy tu Dios. 

Isaías 41:10

Isaiah 41:10

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New Covid Protocols


At the direction of the Archbishop, basically all Covid protocols have been rescinded, except for masks.  As has been the continuous case, you will not be kicked out of church if you are not wearing a mask, however, the Archbishop has maintained the mandate.  If we continue to have reduction of numbers, the mask mandate will also fall away.  

Additionally, the DISPENSATION from the obligation of attending Sunday Mass is being rescinded on April 23rd, thus you must come back to Sunday Mass or incur a mortal sin for willfully choosing to skip Mass.  Digital Mass is no substitute for the Real Mass.  If you have grave concerns, please contact Fr. Brashears immediately as there are some measures  he could employ, but they must be requested directly and personally.  To read more, click on the button.