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Lent is an incredible time of year for every Christian to grow closer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus that sacrificed His Body, Blood, and Life in great love to set us free from sin.  

We are called to make extra penances during this season to make an offering acceptable to the Lord from our own lives.  To the right here is the USCCB's clarifications for the rules of fasting and abstinence that are binding on every Catholic.  

Please not the encouragement at the bottom.  

We should also be making personal penances that we choose to impose upon ourselves.  It is laudable to elect to remove one tiny sin from your lives permanently this season.  


Also during Lent, as with last year, we will pray the Liturgy of the Hours 20 minutes before daily Mass, this year: Morning Prayer in English before the morning Mass, Evening prayer in Spanish before the evening Mass.  

The Liturgy of the Hours is, according to the Catechism of the Catholic Church (1174), the exercise of "the royal priesthood of the baptized" and "is truly the voice of the Bride herself addressed to her Bridegroom."  The USCCB wrote a great overview of the LotH at this link.  

Please make use of these videos on how to use the Ibreviary app.  It is a free app downloadable from your smartphone's app store: Apple and Android.  

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