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Official Notice: Fr. Mejia

From the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City: 

Due to ongoing issues involving a lack of financial accountability and failure to comply with archdiocesan financial policies, it has been determined that Father John Mejia-Munoz will be released of his priestly faculties in the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City, and he will be removed from public ministry. This means he will not be able to conduct any public ministry, including celebrating the Mass or administrating other sacraments. These steps are being taken after much consideration for the good of Father Mejia and, most importantly, for the good of the people of the archdiocese. The bishop of the Diocese of Quibdo, Columbia, where he is incardinated, is being informed of this action.

Parish Response: 

We are troubled and saddened by Fr. Mejia's actions; however, we are the Church, who condemns only the sin and not the sinner -- let us pray for Fr. Mejia in this difficult time.  

If Fr. Mejia has promised you Masses to be said or taken a donation for a Mass from you, please contact Fr. Brashears; we want to ensure that those promised Masses are rightfully said.  If there were any other harm done, financial or otherwise, please let Fr. Brashears know so that the situation can be resolved.

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