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Ad Deum: the obstacle

While I have certainly celebrated Masses ad Deum in other parts, there are some particularly fascinating things happening here with just one weekend of Masses celebrated in this way. I'll try to share these things that I find quite beautiful.

It was unexpected to me that I would find the altar as an obstacle. It had never hit me before. The altar created a barrier between the priest and the people. I stood on the other side, separate as if by a gulf. I've never felt closer, like part of the people of God, whom I serve and lead before the Almighty. When the priest is directed by the Missal to turn to the people, there is a new feeling of intimacy (non-sexual, please) with you all; it is immediate and not mediated.

When I bring the Bread of Heaven down from the altar directly to you all, it's an awesome feeling. I didn't realize how much the altar is an obstacle when doing the Mass versus populum. There shouldn't be a meandering path; there shouldn't be anything but the priest bringing the Eucharist straightaway to the people of God from the altar of God. I feel as though I have been clumsily trying to navigate the Sanctuary before now.

Finally, it feels as though everything is clicking with the movements. It is not that there is an altar I have to get around to get to you all; it is now that I am in proper relationship to the altar, and everything flows unobstructed.

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