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All Saints Day - Holy Day of Obligation

[Holy Day of Obligation (HDO) means that it is mortal sin if you choose not to come to Mass; your culpability may be reduced or removed if there are conditions beyond your control]


November 1st is the great solemnity when we celebrate all of the saints of the Church. Each one of us has or should have at least one patron saint or, at the very least, a favored saint. We come together to celebrate God's magnificently powerful grace at work and efficacious in the lives of His saints, who sought holiness in all means and modes of life.

Thursday Mass Schedule

  • Guymon: 8 am English

  • Boise City: 5:30 pm Bilingual

  • Beaver: 5:30 pm Bilingual

  • Guymon: 5:30 pm Bilingual

  • Hooker: 7:30 pm Bilingual

  • Guymon: 7:30 pm Spanish

Welcome all to implore the intercession of these great models of grace-filled lives. May we grow closer to God as we come to know more about His Love through the hearts of his most devoted.

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