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Blessing of the Graves

November 7th the three priests of the Panhandle will be offering Masses and blessing graves. At 10 am, we'll be at the missions: Boise City, Hooker, and Beaver; at noon, the Mass will be in Guymon. After the Mass for the faithful departed, we'll be going to the cemeteries nearby to bless the graves there.

To facilitate the blessings, we are offering this flag for a dollar donation (to cover our costs) this weekend at the Masses; alternatively you can come by the office in Guymon. Place this flag in front of the head stone or place a red ribbon around the head stone any time before November 7th. When we go to the cemeteries, we'll bless all marked graves.

You can keep the flag from year to year.

We're doing this because it is a fulfillment of the plenary indulgence, which you can apply to one of your departed love ones. The Holy See, due to the Covid restrictions, has extended the eligibility of the plenary indulgence for the entire month of November. The plenary indulgence centers around visit a cemetery and praying for the souls of the deceased.

As with all indulgences, you must: be free from attachment to sin, even venial; make a sacramental confession within two weeks of visiting the cemetery; worthily receive Holy Communion; and pray for the intention of the Holy Father (normally with an Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be), which for November is: "we pray that the progress of robotics and artificial intelligence may always serve humankind."

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