Communion: the how

During this time of Covid, we are still a little restricted on how we receive Holy Communion. As such, I wanted to share a little snippet with you all on each church's procedures.

Guymon: During Mass for those inside the church, come up the middle aisle, while trying to maintain social distancing. When you arrive at the front, make your decision on how you are to receive: left (north) to receive in the hand or right (south) to receive on the tongue.

Boise City: At the time for Communion, the priest will first go to the pianist and cantors. Then we ask that those to receive in the hand come forward first (those in the nave or main part first and then those in the apse or side second). After all who wish to receive in the hand have finished, the priest will return to the middle to distribute on the tongue; please follow the same order as before.

Hooker: We will first have those receiving in the hand come forward first, then anyone who wishes to receive on the tongue may present themselves.

Beaver: While we have ample space, we ask that those who are to receive on the tongue wait until all those who are receiving in the hand have gone first.

NOTE: I want to make this very clear. You have the privilege in the US to choose to receive in the hand if you would like, however you don't have to receive in the hand if you don't want. By no means are these procedures meant to highlight or promote reception in the hand; it is mere practicality based on the health protocols of the archdiocese that we offer to those receiving in the hand first.

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