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Exodus 90 - Week 1

When I was in Japan, I decided to take a multiple day bike trip. I had a destination, and I had a plan. Though I had ridden my bike thousands of times, there was nothing to compare with the first few pedals of this new adventure. It was as if everything had a vivid sense to it; this wasn't just my daily commute. This wasn't just an afternoon ride. This was taking off on a more than 100 mile trip. I was going to new places that I had never seen before; I would bike across one of the longest suspension bridge in the world. I would be camping in parks. I wouldn't see home again for a while. I intellectually knew it would be tough, but I didn't actually know it would be tough. One thing I did know for sure, I wouldn't come back to my apartment the same person as I had left. "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" - Lao Tzu; he knew about this first step, or in my case the first pedal.

Today, thousands of men across the world are embarking on a spiritual journey of 90 days, but maybe it will be the journey of thousands of decisions in the face of temptation. You, men, are endeavoring to seek something great, a great adventure into the spiritual unknown. I say unknown, because it is yet unknown to you. The hills may be challenging to climb, but the peaks are worth every burn. No more pee wee league, we're swinging in the big leagues. Go big or go home? Nah, we going beyond. We're going out, and we won't return the same; this journey is about to reveal your virtue, your vice, and your will. It's today; it's time to take that first step, the first pedal, the first sacrifice.

May your journey be with the angels and the saints; may they champion you on day by day.

DAY 1.


As a wise man once stated, "it's dangerous to go alone! Take this."

You might not have been prepared with good music that is uplifting the soul to God. So, here's what was on my playlist this morning at the gym.

Elijiah & Elisha: Spirit vs. Flesh

It's good Catholic hip-hop/rap. There's a few tracks that get me ready for the next set.

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