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Coronavirus Vaccine

Should you get it? I don't know; that is a decision up to you.

Is the vaccine morally acceptable? That I do have great confidence in saying YES.

In Oklahoma we have received the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines YES, it is moral to get the vaccine.

You might have heard about the “remote use of aborted fetus cells;” this refers to cells that were taken 40 years ago. The science that was used has been utilized in the testing of these two vaccines but the vaccines themselves contain no cells from aborted fetus...they are completely synthetic vaccines.

In the Church we have an entire field dedicated to this matter called bioethics. These are very intelligent and very well studied Catholics, who know the morality and the science better than anyone else in the world. One such bioethicist is Fr. Tad Pacholczyk, who is world renowned for his highly qualified position. If you would like a deeper read, please go to his website ( Also check out his credentials, which tell you that he is more qualified any of us to debate.

Equipped with this confidence, the Archbishop has issued his letter, which I encourage you to read ( Should you get it? You are free to decide. But yes, the vaccines here in Oklahoma are moral to receive.

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