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For the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation, the Church desires that the recipient of those Sacraments would have some model or guide to help them.  Sponsors should not only model the life of faith, but they are also to assist, encourage, and motivate the recipient to draw closer to God throughout life.  This requires that the Sponsors are not only praying for the recipient but also helping the recipient to pray.  Especially in the case of Baptism, the Sponsors may even be called upon to take the recipient to Mass, if the parents are unable or unwilling.  Thus, the role of the Sponsor is very important to help support the good spiritual development of the recipient.  

The Church requires a "very necessary minimum in the spirit of prayer and moral effort" (CCC 2041) of every lay faithful, which describes the minimum of being Catholic; these are the 5 precepts.  Since they are the minimum of being Catholic, it is also the minimum of what we need to verify to be a Sponsor.  Additionally, Sponsors will have to undergo a training.  While we ought to probably require more, we want to encourage the use of Sponsors so that Baptized and Confirmed might have a good help as they each progress in the way of holiness (Lumen gentium, 39).

Sponsor Video

As mentioned in the video, we require a signature form to be signed in front of a priest or deacon of the Church.  Below we have a sample of this form; if you are registered at a parish outside of the panhandle and wish to be a sponsor of someone here in the panhandle, please contact our secretary to send the form directly to the parish offices where you are registered.  

Video de Padrinos

Como se menciona en el video, requerimos que se firme un formulario de firma frente a un sacerdote o diácono de la Iglesia. A continuación tenemos una muestra de este formulario; si está registrado en una parroquia fuera del territorio y desea ser padrino de alguien aquí en el territorio, comuníquese con nuestra secretaria para enviar el formulario directamente a las oficinas parroquiales donde está registrado.

Checklist for Sponsors

Checklist para Padrinos

Official Certification of Confirmation
(from the parish where you were baptized)
Affirmation of Financial Support
(from the parish where you are registered)
Signature of Precepts Form
(from the parish where you are registered)
Certificación Oficial de Confirmación
(de la parroquia donde fue bautizado)
Afirmación de Apoyo Financiero
(de la parroquia donde está registrado)
Formulario de Firma de Preceptos
(de la parroquia donde está registrado)
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