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Precepts: Supporting the Church

It’s not a surprising thought that without money many of our missions and endeavors at the Church would be non-existent. The Church would certainly look very different if no one supported the Church or if parishioners just gave a couple of dollars on this or that Sunday. We would not have a big place of worship, no statues, no adoration chapel, no stained glass, no offices, no RE classes, no employees, no extra priests, no hall, no kitchen, no daily Masses, and really nothing except Sunday Mass and maybe one priest to see to the basic needs of as many parishioners as he could help. Right now, we have many necessities filled and even have a few “luxuries” in our spiritual lives. But what could we one day become?

In the wisdom of the Church, she knows that we all have a human need and natural duty to share in building up the Church, but to do so in a manner according to each one’s means.

Not everyone is asked to give $50,000. This is why Jesus stated that the widow gave more than all the rest, because she was giving out of her need and not excess. The Church does not levy upon us a solid tithe (10%) as did the Mosaic Law, which is the origins of our support today (cf. Mt. 5:17-18), however she continues to use it as a good measure. Maybe you are not a 10%er today; I’ll bargain many in our parish are not. Are you a 5%er or even a 3%er? Do you know? I’m making my 10% easy with our new online giving. However you choose to give, are you doing better this year to move towards that 10% than last year? How can you make changes now that will move you close next year? If we hypothesized that on average our parishioners are giving 3% a week, then 5% would be almost $9200 in weekly collection…10% would annually be $950,000! Imagine what we will do with that future.

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